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Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in helping with any of these events! It takes many, many hands to make these events happen and therefore we can always use extra volunteers. Call N4Cs or email us at to see how you can help. Want to volunteer consistently? We will supply a free membership for volunteers who work 6 hours a week!

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Call for Volunteers

Listed below are the different ways in which N4Cs is in need of active volunteers. Most opportunities have flexibility in regards to the commitment level and time involved, so don’t hesitate if you can only give a little! If you have questions or are interested, please contact Alison at or by phone at 570-925-0163. Feel free to tell your friends and family- you don’t have to be a member to volunteer!!


Outdoor Grounds Adopt-a-Spot

This program helps us maintain the landscaping of N4Cs. Volunteers are responsible for a section of the landscaping to weed and deadhead the flowers. You pick the size of the spot you can maintain!


Volunteers organize local historical items, and categorize books and the assist with general upkeep of the library so that everyone in the community can easily learn more about this area’s rich history.

Event Volunteers

Individuals who sign up will help with setting up tables and chairs, decorating, taking tickets, cleaning up post-event, and in some situations cooking. Each volunteer will only be responsible for 1-2 tasks.