The day-to-day administration of N4Cs is handled by our Executive Director, Janelle Drach and Program Director, Jessica Farr. The directors are the only two full time staff at N4Cs. They are assisted by dozens of staff and volunteers.
Contact the front desk at 570-925-0163 for more info.
Janelle Drach –
Jessica Farr –

The Board of Directors is N4Cs governing body and is responsible for long-term planning and strategic goals.
The Board meets the 4th Thursday of the Month at the Center at 6pm.  The next meeting is June 26, 2018*
*Open mic time will allow community members the opportunity to speak to the board. This time will occur from 6-7pm


 Board of Directors – 2018 – 2019

President – Lin Cline Vice President – Edd Sidinger III Secretary – Laurie Edson
Financial Secretary – John Kitchen Treasurer – Tina Wood
Weston Brehm Rob Cashman Joe Casarella
Steve Tyree George Hasay Paul Reichart
Judie Scavone Randy Sidler Janelle Surkin