Fundraising Goals

Banquet Tables and Chairs: $2,000

N4Cs hosts more than just athletic and fitness activities; our facility hosts more community events, yard sales, private rentals and dinners each and every year. Due to this increase in facility usage, N4Cs has had to borrow and rent tables and chairs for multiple events and activities. Additionally, many of the current banquet supplies N4Cs owns are becoming too worn or damaged. The needs to replace and expand upon our current supplies drive this fundraising need.

Floor Buffing Unit: $8,000FloorBuffer

N4Cs spends nearly $1,000 every time the gymnasium needs to be scrubbed and buffed. This type of cleaning should be done semi-annually and through the winter months the floor needs scrubbed weekly. N4Cs currently does not have a machine to do this routine maintenance. This type of machine will allow N4Cs to perform these cleaning duties not only in the gymnasium but throughout the facility on our hard-surface floors. This investment will save the community center on contract labor and future maintenance and replacement costs.

Storage Addition: $15,000

As N4Cs continues to grow, the amount of space we have for storage and activities diminishes. The center currently has one main storage area which houses everything from baseballs and basketballs, to tables and our portable stage. The growing number of programs and events in the facility warrants building such an expansion on to the 3rd Street side of our facility.

General Donations

As a small community nonprofit, donations are always welcome to help toward operating costs or any unexpected expenses that may arise. General donations are utilized in multiple ways and can be designated to a specific cause or purchase as the donor may feel so inclined.

Ways to Contribute:

  • Donate online via Paypal.


  •  Donate by mail with donation form. (link to .pdf “Capital Campaign Contribution Form”)

P.O. Box 305
Benton, PA 17814


  • Donate in person:
    • (link to .pdf “Capital Campaign Contribution Form”)
    • 42 Community Drive
      Benton, PA 17814