Youth Sports and Activities

These Youth Activities are on hold for the Summer. Watch for them to return in the Fall!

Mondays: Kids on the Move

Level 1- 5:30-6:15p (ages 4-6) and Level 2- 6:15-7p (ages 7-9).

This is a fun, short class to get the kids moving!

Here, they’ll learn different choreographic dances, moves, and games.

$15 for members/$25 for nonmembers

Tuesdays: Messy Play and Mad Science

Messy Play: 5:30-6p. This is for ages 2-4.

The children will express their creativity while playing messy!

$10 for members/$20 for nonmembers

Mad Science is 6:30-7p and serves kids grades K-1.

The kids will use common household ingredients to engage in experiments.

$10 for members/ $20 for nonmembers


Tuesdays/Wednesdays: Tumbling

Level 1 takes place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5-6p, based on class size and Level 2 is on Wednesdays from 6-7:30p.

The kids will learn a variety of tumbling and gymnastics skill sets.

$55 for members/ $65 for nonmembers

Thursdays: Micro Soccer

Level 1- 5:30-6:15p (ages 2-3) and Level 2- 6:15-7p (ages 4-5).

The players will learn the fundamentals of soccer in a fun, supportive environment.

$30 for members/ $45 for nonmembers

Saturdays: Citizen S.T.E.A.M

 Level 1: 10-11a (ages 2nd-4th) and Level 2- 11a-12p (grades 5-8th).

Participants will learn different Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math activities.

Engage your children’s’ minds and sign them up!

$20 for members/$30 for nonmembers